The commissioning of ICI at Wilton and Lackenby Steelworks expansion after WWII finished, enhanced the area’s prosperity and increased local support for many organisations.

This led to increases in membership of such organisations all over the UK, and Redcar, and the North East, were no exception such that lodge membership grew, and the number of lodges have increased by four during this post war period.

Freemasonry, as always, gives a brilliant opportunity to join and support an organisation which provides Fun, Fellowship and Family Values. Traditions and traditional values have ever been protected within this organisation, which also has, and still does, support many Charities, National, Universal, and local.

These initiatives and procedures have attracted membership over the ages and now Redcar’s heavy industry has now seriously declined, resulting in no iron or steel making. But the Rolling Mill which produces very large structural beams continues apace. We are encouraged by the continuation of this factory with its British Steel placard visible for all to see.

Redcar thanks the new British Steel Consortium, a private company, for rescuing this facility.

It is to be hoped that it will long continue and we all look forward to the development of the Lackenby, and Redcar site’s present initiatives to attract industry coming to fruition.

Freemasonry  is still supported in Redcar with Saltscar Lodge no exception. We are confident that the technological expertise and industrial background, and the large Teesside University, will attract investment and new manufacturing industry soon.

A quotation from the words of William Morris is most appropriate:

“Forsooth brothers, fellowship is heaven and lack of fellowship is hell; fellowship is life and lack of fellowship is death and the deeds you do upon earth it is for the fellowships’ sake that you do them”.

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