Redcar developements

Redcar these past couple of years has and is still embarking upon considerable change mainly along the seafront and town areas. The seafront developments now come to fruition and can be seen from the new photos above.

The improvements to our seafront are part of an investment project to inject £75m into Redcar that will create new jobs and businesses to boost the economy.

The Masonic Hall and famous Clock Tower and surroundings are unchanged. But the new buildings shown are part of the massive development being made by Redcar Cleveland Borough Council. Accompanying the Penguins is a statue with a globe on four N E S W facing heads mounted on part of a Cobble. It is a sculpture designed by an artist Ian Randall. It doubt reflects our fishing and worldwide heritage.

The Palace Hub, which replaces the old Palace Theatre will house creative businesses, high quality studio and office space.

The new stunning ‘Tuned In’ building near the boating lake is a media and performing arts centre and funded by a lottery grant. No one can miss site of the 80 foot high Redcar Beacon which houses within its seven floors a two storey cafe, four floors with business space, and an open roof viewing terrace.

The recent sea defence and seafront improvements blend architecturally with the new buildings and create a beautiful landscape.

The lodge congratulates all those involved in these projects and believes it does bode well for the future.

Saltscar Lodge is proud of its Redcar heritage and thanks the local authorities for the essential improvements to our town now taking place.

Beacon & 27 Turbines.  A good view of the Beacon and the new wind turbines now turning merrily in the gales etc.
Tuned In. Beautiful building on the site of the old swimming baths alongside the boating lake.



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